What can you expect from a visit with Geo?

  • Compassionate listening, sometimes with tears, sometimes with laughter. 
  • Observations and traditional diagnostic techniques, including pulse, tongue & nails.
  • A protocol that you can manage within your time and budget constraints.
  • Thoughtful research for drug-herb interactions.
  • Consultations with your medical doctor in support of your health goals.
  • A delightful tea and a tasty tincture, sweet tonic or powder.   Topical formulas when appropriate. Culinary suggestions offered.
  • Suggested supplements and retail brand recommendations along with therapeutic dosages.
  • Dietary, cooking & lifestyle ideas that are manageable for you.

What do we need to begin?

  • Comprehensive Health History form
  • Consent to be Seen form
  • Current Medical lab reports, if available.

How long will my visits last and how often?

  • Your first visit will generally last 90-120 minutes. 
  • Your first follow up visit may be 45-60 minutes, and will be instrumental in reflecting on and/or supporting your changes.   We will make adjustments to your protocol, as needed.
  • Other follow up visits will be scheduled at 3-6 week intervals, as necessary, often dependent on the complexity or severity of your condition.

Scheduling your Consultation

  • Office visits can be made by contacting  Geo by e-mail or by phone.  MD 410-707-4486  VA 540-955-4769
  • Current practice locations and fees* include….
    • Berryville, VA $65/hour
    • Columbia, MD $80/hour
    • Phone or Skype Consultations  65/hour
    • Medical Doctor Consultations $65/hour
    • Research for drug-herb interactions, custom formulations, & protocol development are billed at $25/hr